GREENWOOD, S.C. (WSPA) — Greenwood Police are warning drivers after they said they received multiple reports of “nails, screws, and other sharp objects apparently being embedded in what looks like normal roadway debris (cardboard, rubber, paper, etc.).” They said this has led to flat tires.

“I heard a click, click, click,” said Tammy Burgeson. “I was like, ‘Oh man. I ran over something.'”

Burgeson said she was driving near the Greenwood Mall about a month ago when she ran over two pieces of cardboard with a screw in each.

“They [cardboard] were cut in perfect squares,” said Burgeson. “The screw was right in the middle of the square.”

Luckily, Burgeson’s tires did not need to be replaced, and she paid about $20 to get them fixed. But, other drivers are not as lucky.

“A replacement tire can be $300 or $400 or as little as $100,” said Thomas McLaughlin, the manager of Big Mac’s Tire Shop.

McLaughlin said over the few months, several drivers have gone to Big Mac’s Tire Shop after they ran over screws that were attached to pieces of debris.

He said some people went into the shop with eight to 10 screws in one tire. Sometimes, the tires cannot be repaired, McLaughlin explained.

“It depends on the location, how many of them [screws], the angle they’re in, or if it can’t be fixed because it’s a sidewall puncture,” he said.

Greenwood Police said “some of this debris may be falling off of work vehicles, but it’s quite possible that someone is putting it out intentionally.”

A spokesperson told 7NEWS that officers “will be on the lookout” for a person who may be leaving screws on roads, but they said it will “be extremely difficult.”

Officers said if you see any suspicious activity on the road, you should call 911 or you can email Sgt. Baker at