GREER, S.C. (WSPA) – Greer city leaders are working to expand public green spaces and connect communities in the city through a proposed urban trail system.

“We just love coming to the park, getting on the swings, and just the fountains, and so, we walk a lot,” said Brenda Washington, who lives in Greer and was enjoying City Park on Thursday.

City administrator Andy Merriman said there’s a proposed roughly two-mile biking and walking trail through the Sunnyside community. Merriman said the proposed route could start near City Park and head towards Biblebrook Drive.

“I think it would be great for health and wellness and even frame of mind,” said Washington.

He estimated the total project could cost between $2 to $3 million, and said if it’s approved, work would likely be done in phases. In November, the South Carolina Ports Authority announced it would contribute $50,000 to the project, and Merriman said he’s thankful for the partnership.

“There’s been an interest in a kind of a trail, connectivity plan to get various neighborhoods around the city connected to our central business district, our downtown,” said Merriman.

Last month, Merriman said they spoke with community members and people who live along the proposed route.

“There’s going to be a number of property owners that are probably going to be affected in one way shape or form. But the end result of this project is going to be a community asset,” said Merriman.

He said this is a community driven effort and said it’s important people support the project. Merriman said they’re hoping to use a utility easement that’s already in place to create the trail.

“I think conceptually, the community likes the idea of such an important recreational asset being in the community. But the nuts and bolts of any kind of thing is going to generate questions,” said Merriman.

He said the proposed project is still in an early phase, but thinks it could better connect people to downtown Greer and increase quality of life in the community. He said the next step is to answer neighbor’s questions and make sure the community is on board.

“The intent for us is to mitigate any impact to the resident to where they don’t see it as an impact, they see it as an asset,” said Merriman.

Merriman also said they’re planning to host another community meeting early next year. He said from there, they’ll decide if it’s a feasible plan and move forward with obtaining easements, or said they could table the project.

People can visit the city’s website to learn more about the project, the proposed route, and share feedback with City leaders.