GREER, S.C. – Anyone venturing out in the summer heat is going to need water. And that most basic of necessities has been a resource the Greer Soup Kitchen has been struggling to keep stocked this summer.

Every day the Greer Soup Kitchen serves up hot meals to anyone who walks through its doors.

”…so if you’re hungry and need something to eat this is where you come,” Martha Bennett, director of the soup kitchen, said.

And people are lining up to get in.

“We have a lot more now it kind of goes up in the summertime,” Bennett said. “We got a lot of people that are coming in from different areas of the country, different areas of the east coast.”

Those people, Bennet said, need not only a meal, but something to drink. The soup kitchen has have been struggling to keep bottled water on the menu.

“I would say 95% of our stuff is given to us by donations and so we just ran out of water, and we need it here every day,” said Bennett.

To those who need them, those bottled waters can be a lifeline.

“It means everything because some don’t drink the sweet tea, or we may have soft drinks that have been given to us,” Bennett said. “We have a lot of diabetics a lot of people that have heart issues and things like that.”

With the help of the community, Bennett says they’ve received some water donations since they ran out.

“Somebody put it on Facebook and so it starts coming in, so that’s a God thing; that’s how he works around here.”

But they need more donations, “right now, we probably have enough to last us the week and then well be out again.”

Bennett says people can drop of water or any other goods at their Greer location, they are open seven days a week. There is also a list of items that the soup kitchen needs on their website.