GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The Greenville County School District said a gun was found Tuesday morning at an elementary school.

According to Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, around 10 a.m. administrators at Cherrydale Elementary School responded to a student who heard another student may have a gun.

Law enforcement was notified immediately and responded to the school.

A search was conducted and an empty gun along with an unattached magazine with ammunition inside was confiscated from the student’s bookbag according to officials.

“We’re just super thankful of the swift actions by not just the student, but by the staff at the Greenville County School District. Working in conjunction with them, we were able to ensure everyone was safe,” said Lieutenant Ryan Flood, with the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office said the student is in fourth grade and is 9-years-old.

No threats were made toward any students or the school.

Lieutenant Ryan Flood, with the Sheriff’s Office, said they are still looking into how the child got the gun.

“We do believe that the student was able to get the gun somehow from their home,” he said.

The sheriff’s office charged the student with possession of a weapon on school property.

The child was turned over to their guardian instead of taken into custody.

“They’re not incarcerated at any point, but they will have to appear in family court. The rest of their proceedings will be handled through the family court system,” said the Lieutenant.

Shun Clowney has three grandchildren at the elementary school.

“I was frantic, I went and got my grandkids and brought them home,” said Clowney.

She said she found out about the situation a few hours later and rushed to take the kids home.

“I felt good, as long as I knew they were safe. I brought them to my home, fed them and helped them with their homework,” she said.

The grandmother said she feels all schools need metal detectors.

“They need to get something in there, so they’ll know there’s something in those bookbags,” stated Clowney.

The Sheriff’s Office has some advice for parents and guardians.

“Check your student’s backpacks, their coats, if they’re wearing a coat to school, their belongings, just to make sure that they didn’t take a knife, or a gun, or anything that could harm themselves or someone else,” said Lieutenant Flood.

As a precaution, the school was placed on hold and everyone remained in place while the investigation was conducted.

Additional district personnel was on campus.

The school returned to normal schedule and the student is being disciplined according to the district’s behavior code.

Officials with the school district said the student has been recommended for expulsion.

The Sheriff’s Office said the parents, or guardians, could be facing charges, but that is a part of their ongoing investigation.