GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Everyone has certainly gotten some great use out of their umbrellas this week.

A big rainstorm swept through last night, leaving some flooding behind in parts of Greenville.

What’s usually a low and calm Reedy River is now looking more like a good place to drop a kayak.

“Last night wasn’t the 100-year flood event, but it did swell up and come to the tops of the banks of the reedy,” the City of Greenville Engineer Paul Dow said.

With water spilling over into Unity Park Thursday morning, the city had to ask folks to use some detours.

Dow said when they built Unity Park, they also opened up more space to allow rainwater in the river.

“Its banks are straight up and down from years of erosion and incorporating the design of unity park we’re laid back the stream bank quite a bit. So, when you lay back the stream bank you provide a lot of storage and a lot of way for the river to relieve itself,” Dow said.

Dow said even with extra storage, there can still be damage done after heavy rains.

“We want to make sure our vegetated stream banks are holding up and that the waters force from a rain event wasn’t more than the force that the vegetation can withstand,” Dow said.

After the waters have receded, they go out, assess, and fix anything that needs it.

“So, we take a look to see if there is any bare soils, any places that need repair, and then of course debris coming down the Reedy is a big deal as well,” Dow said.

The city said they expect the flood waters to be way down by later in the afternoon.

The city also said the park was back open for business, after parts of it were closed off earlier in the morning.