SPARTANBURG, S.C (WSPA) – Industry experts said higher costs for transportation are increasing some prices you see at the store.

Across the Upstate, some diesel prices are now more than $5.30.

South Carolina Trucking Association President & CEO Rick Todd said prices are at an all-time high and are hurting some truck drivers.

“It’s a big ticket, it’s a big cost,” said Todd.

Todd said filling up a semi-truck is expensive and can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the size of the tank.

“Cash flow is very important right now and when you’re buying fuel at 100 or 200 gallons at a time, that’s a big outlay of cash,” said Todd.

He said, despite the high prices, fuel is a necessity in the industry. Todd said the rising costs put a strain on small trucking businesses across the area. He said in the United States, 97 percent of motor carrier companies are small businesses with fewer than 20 trucks.

“That’s what a lot of the smaller fleets are probably struggling with right now, is to make sure they get paid a good rate and get paid quickly enough to offset that outlay of cash for fuel,” said Todd.

Along with rising fuel prices, Todd said the cost of labor is up too.

“Truck drivers are being paid better and better, everybody it seems like in the workforce is commanding higher pay,” said Todd.

He said these factors add up and consumers pay the price.

“All fuel costs, along with operating costs when you’re hauling freight by truck, those costs are passed on to the end user,” said Todd.

Todd also said companies and drivers work to conserve fuel by planning their routes. He said it can cut down on drive time and how much fuel drivers use.