GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – A United States Marine was left in the road with major injuries after being hit by a car in Greenville Saturday night.

Police arrested a suspect Thursday, and his bond hearing was Friday morning.

7NEWS was the only station in the courtroom.

Through tearful testimony from the Durham family, we learned their son Blake Durham had just finished Marine Corps boot camp days ago.

Their lawyer, Chris Pracht, said he had “returned home to celebrate his graduation from basic training.”

Investigators said Durham was hit by a car while leaving a concert at the Blind Horse Saloon with his girlfriend.

Six days later, he remains in the hospital.

“Tragically is seriously injured and of greater concern or of great concern the person who hit him left the scene,” Pracht said.

Police said after searching for five days and receiving several CrimeStoppers tips, they arrested 21-year-old Kyle Williams Thursday.

They said he’s charged with hit-and-run resulting in bodily injury.

He appeared in court for the first time Friday, receiving a $25,000 surety bond.

“We had asked for no bond, so we would’ve preferred no bond,” said Pracht. “But we put our faith in the court system and law enforcement to prosecute this case and develop the facts and make sure justice is served.”

The family said they want justice, but mainly they’re praying for him to heal.

“What’s so impressive about the Durham family is they’re a family of faith and they’re a family that extends prayers for everyone. This is a tragic, tragic situation and they extended their prayers for the Lord to heal their son and extended prayers for the defendant and his actions,” Pracht said.

They’re asking the community to join them in prayer.

“Prayer works and it can really make a difference in this case for Blake who is fighting right now as we sit here today,” Pracht said.

The judge ordered that if Williams is let out on bond he will be under house arrest and can only go to court appearances, work, and church and will not be allowed to drive.

The judge said this case will proceed to state court.