(WSPA) – When it comes to the holidays, and families coming to town, you want the best food on the table for them. So where can you get it?

Jacob Towe, who owns Jubilee Farms in Pauline, said it’s important to know where your food comes from. 

“There’s a lot of different standards and regulations which surround the food industry and production of food, but absolutely nothing replaces knowing the person that grew your food.”

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture said across the state there are more than 24,000 bringing more than 246,000 jobs leading to an economic impact of more than $46 billion.

Towe has been working on his family farm for many years and continues to expand.

“The farm itself has grown a lot. When I started, I just started with a handful of chickens and some pigs. Now we’ve got sheep and ducks and goats.”

Now he produces pasteurized proteins that include chicken, turkey and duck as well as pasteurized pork, lamb and beef.

Of course around the holidays, most people want turkey and you can find those on the local farm as well.

According to the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, South Carolina ranks 8th in the nation in turkey production.

Towe also sells most of his products, including turkeys, at his local store.

Not only that, but he even has produce available to buy from other local farms too.

All this helps to keep area farms strong and bring the freshest food to your table.

“If they trust their growing methods, I can trust that too. And that’s something that you just can’t replace with the label at the grocery store.”

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