SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA)- Many of us might have trouble buying a home in the Carolinas but the VA Home Loan could help veterans buy a house in a competitive market.

The VA Home Loan is strictly for veterans who spent time on active duty but it does come with some benefits.

Veterans who served at least 90 consecutive days of active duty don’t need the credit score that some loans require to buy a home.

Plus they can wave the Private Mortgage Insurance that is connected to the 20% down payment.

Lending fees can also be waived if you have a service-related disability.

The Spartanburg County VA Director, Brent Cobb said they get asked about this loan weekly and that it helps in the long run.

Cobb said it’s very beneficial for those looking to invest in the property.

“If they don’t put any down payment on it, they have zero equity in a home” Said Cobb “so, if they’re looking to move in three to five years getting a home loan is probably not the best thing because they’re not going to have any equity in it.”

The VA office in Spartanburg can answer any questions about the Home Loan and point you in the right direction with a lender that helps with the eligibility applications.