DUNCAN, S.C. (WSPA) – Each summer, law enforcement agencies around the country take part in the “National Night Out.”

It’s designed to strengthen the relationship between police officers and the communities they serve.

The town of Duncan was filled with hundreds of people for the event Tuesday night.

“Crayons, pencils, notebooks, it’s great! We almost have everything for school,” said parent Olena Halushko.

“Pencils, pens, backpacks, glue, glitter, anything on those school supplies list,” said police chief Shandrell Holcombe.

Duncan was a night filled with live music, free games and, most importantly to parents 7NEWS spoke with, school supplies.

“This is our second year here. We live in Duncan, she’s going to 5-K this year and she’s excited. It’s always something to do with the family,” said parent Pingnong Sith.

“We’re so shocked with how many people are here tonight. It’s just fantastic to give out free stuff to the children and the families,” said Misty Fant.

Misty Fant, event coordinator for the town, said they have been preparing for this event for around a year. She said they couldn’t do it without the community’s help.

“We are even more blessed to have the community sponsors. So, if we didn’t have them, then we wouldn’t be having this event tonight,” she said.

Chief Holcombe said they wanted to make sure every child had what they needed for a new school year.

“The number one focus is to make sure that no child starts off the year without the proper or essential things they need for the next school year,” said Holcombe.

“Duncan feels really good and it’s really nice they’re doing all this free stuff,” said Mac Lovelace, who attended the event.

While parents were racking up the savings, the kids were just busy having fun.

“I see a lot of bean bags, live music and the big tent we’re under, Jenga, a lot of really fun stuff!” said Lovelace.

The entire event was free to any parent, family member and child who attended.

“The only thing you have to pay for tonight is your own time. You have to pay for your gas to get here, but once you’re here, everything is on us,” said Chief Holcombe.

The town of Duncan was just one of many that participated in National Night Out.

Town officials said they couldn’t have done it without the people, businesses, and churches who donated the supplies and those who came out to lend a hand.