GAFFNEY, S.C. (WSPA) – Cherokee County was seeing rain and wind nonstop Friday afternoon into the evening.

Battalion Chief David McDaniel said the call volume has been pretty calm. There are still things people need to do if they’re out and about, to stay safe.

Chief McDaniel said there have been some calls in the county for downed trees, but nothing major. He says it’s better if you can stay inside, but for those who have to travel, make sure you are keeping an eye out.

“Make sure your windshield wipers are good, make sure your headlights are on and don’t drive through any spots you can’t see the road,” said Chief McDaniel.

He said people can expect some downed trees and power lines. There are typical areas in Gaffney that are prone to flooding, but with how Hurricane Ian is hitting the Upstate, the chief said things should be fine.

“It’s not coming quick enough to eventually flood the downtown, where it usually floods,” he said.

If an area does flood, Chief McDaniel said they have water rescue gear, they just hope they don’t have to use it. If you do see any flooding on the roads, officials say do not drive through it. As for any downed power lines, treat them like they’re live and stay away. Call 911 if you need help.

There is no longer a wind advisory for Cherokee County.