CLINTON, S.C. (WPSA) — Presbyterian College students marched Thursday morning to show support for women and athletes of color.

“PC, we are a loving community,” said Kennedy Elise Perry, the president of the Presbyterian College NAACP branch. “We will not tolerate hate on this campus.”

It’s after an incident before a women’s lacrosse game nearly two weeks ago. PC leaders said on February 11, a group yelled racist remarks at the Howard University women’s lacrosse team.

“I wanted to speak up, say something, and enact change,” said Suubi Mutebi, the secretary and treasurer for the Multicultural Student Union.

Presbyterian College’s Multicultural Student Union organized the march.

“We really just wanted as students to let the world see that that incident does not make PC,” said Enia Woodard, the president of the Multicultural Student Union.

They said the goal is to unite the community and stand in solidarity with Howard university women, athletes, and coaches.

“I hope that this shows that the student body of PC, who we are, is different from the actions of those students that decided to say those words, those hurtful words, and those oppressing words,” said Mutebi.

They said the march was also a way to re-unite campus, with a large group of students and staff showing support.

“It was overwhelming, it almost brought tears to my eyes just to see that for once, we did all come together,” said Woodard.

They hope it represents the true values of students at Presbyterian College.

“Love drives out hate any day, so that’s really what this march was, to drive out the hate,” said Woodard. “PC is going to be a better university from this day on.”

Presbyterian College leaders said there’s an ongoing outside investigation into what happened. PC leaders have also released statements about the incident and investigation.