SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – As the City of Spartanburg continues to grow, that means more and more cars are on the roads.

City officials said the congested intersections mostly have to do with traffic coming on and off the interstate. They said they’re happy to have the growth, but need to make sure their roads are equipped to handle it.

Chris George, with the City of Spartanburg, said they’ve seen an increase in traffic over the years.

Especially at these locations:

  • John B. White Sr. Boulevard and Blackstock Road
  • John B. White and I-26 bridge
  • W.O Ezell Boulevard and Blackstock Road

“Especially in those areas, through all of our main corridors, we’ve seen an increase over the last several years,” said George.

George said another cause for back-up can be the traffic signals.

“Sometimes the traffic signals aren’t synced as well as we’d like and they don’t match, necessarily, the traffic pattern and have to be rebalanced,” he said.

He said the next step would be to request a traffic study with the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

“The traffic signals themselves, you know, there sometimes may need to be improvements or we may need to lengthen a time,” explained George. “If we’ve got more traffic coming one direction then we’ve had in the past, you know, that could cause some imbalances, and that’s what a traffic study would show.”

The issue of congestion is one George said the city has been watching closely.

“It’s definitely something that’s on our radar, you know, as our population grows, as more people move through our city,” he said.

Residents like Rebekah Iek have noticed the traffic build-up.

“It’s crazy at certain times of the day,” said Iek.

She said she just got to the area and is still getting used to the traffic.

“Just waiting away. I would say it’s not as bad as Greenville, but I think some people are very concerned about Spartanburg getting like Greenville,” she said.

But, she’s happy city leaders are paying attention.

“I think that would be great. I’ve actually seen some new lights going in, in different areas. So, I think it’d be nice,” said Iek.

George said the city needs to grow with its population.

“We want a growing and thriving Spartanburg, but we need to make sure that our roads stay up to date and able to handle the new traffic,” he said.

George says the city is putting in a request with the SCDOT to do a traffic study on John B. White and the I-26 Bridge.

More congested intersections:

  • East Main Street and Fernwood-Glendale Road/Drayton Road
  • East Main Street and Fernwood Drive