INMAN, S.C. (WSPA) -Inman city leaders said the city is joining the Main Street South Carolina program to help enhance the local economy and revitalize the downtown area.

“It’s a program that gives us accountability and resources to do the things that we’re already accomplishing,” said April Williams, who will serve as the program’s director.

Williams believes the program will help create new strategies and build on existing momentum for a stronger community.

“The program was something several of our councilmembers and our administrator had shown interest in and knew that the growth and the progress that the city was already going through would perfectly complement the Main Street program,” said Williams.

She said the program takes a comprehensive approach and connects cities with resources and tools, so city leaders can make a positive impact on the community.

“We don’t focus on just our events or just local businesses or growth in the city, we focus on all of that and how it all flows together to make a really good downtown, vibrant, enjoyable place for people to live, work, and come to visit,” said Williams.

She said some upcoming events and projects fit within their goals, but they also want to know what community members would like to see.

“The biggest thing that we need help with from the community as a whole right now is data collection,” said Williams.

Williams is asking people to fill out an online survey, sharing their thoughts on their favorite places, any issues with the area, and what they’d like to see downtown. She’s hopeful this new program will help the area succeed and says exciting things are coming in Inman.

“We knew that this was where we wanted to be and that Inman would be a really good fit. Main Street will help us tremendously and we will be a good poster child for the program as well,” said Williams.

Next month, leaders will host a meeting to explain the Main Street approach to the community. Williams said more details will be shared closer to February.