SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) — Spartanburg Police continue to investigate a shooting at the Piedmont Interstate Fair over the weekend.

Officers said a fight occurred inside the fair Saturday night, and a man shot another man in the leg. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Those who were at the fair told 7NEWS the sound of the gunshot created a chaotic scene.

“I heard a loud boom, and then just hundreds people [started] running and screaming,” explained Brandi Bridges.

No arrests have been made.

Officers said they are reviewing surveillance video to try to identify the shooter and any witnesses who may have information.

“Hopefully with the information that we receive from our surveillance cameras and witnesses, we’ll be able to determine who the shooter is and make those correct charges,” said Maj. Art Littlejohn with the Spartanburg Police Department.

Witnesses said they did not believe they were properly screened by security when they entered the fair.

“There was a sign that said, ‘clear bag policy,'” said Bridges. “There was nobody checking bags or searching bags. There were no metal detectors. I feel like it [shooting] could have possibly been prevented or avoided if those measures had been in place.”

Littlejohn explained that the Spartanburg Police Department works with the Piedmont Interstate Fair Association each year for this event and advises the association on different security measures they feel need to be taken.

As they plan for the fair next year, Littlejohn said they will review what went wrong to prevent something like this from happening again.

“This is not necessarily about the fair,” said Littlejohn. “It is not about the police. It is about a bad guy who chose to bring a gun into a family event.”

Anyone with information about the shooting can call the Spartanburg Police Department.

The Piedmont Interstate Fair Association released the following statement after the shooting:

This evening an unfortunate event happened at the fairgrounds where a young member of our community was shot by another young member of our community. The victim is in stable condition at Spartanburg Regional Hospital, having been treated by onsite EMS. On site law enforcement responded quickly to the incident. Upon recommendation of law enforcement, the fair was closed for the safety of our patrons.

We pray for the swift recovery of the victim and offer solace to anyone traumatized by this incident.

We have prided ourselves in providing a safe fair for 76 years. The Piedmont Interstate Fair Association regrets that the irresponsible actions of an individual ruined an evening of wholesome entertainment and activities for members of our community.

The Spartanburg Police Department and Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office will have an increased presence Sunday to ensure the safety of our patrons.

Fair will open Sunday at 1pm and gates will close promptly at 6pm, rides ending at 7pm. All Saturday’s (October 15th, 2022) intact armbands will be honored. Please keep your armbands on. Any outstanding mega passes or tickets that have not been used will also be honored by Prime Time Carnival.

Any inquires into the shooting should be directed to the Spartanburg Police Department, the investigating agency for this incident.

Piedmont Interstate Fair Association