CHEROKEE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — The Humane Society of Cherokee County is searching for answers after two dogs with gunshot wounds were brought into the county’s animal shelter within 15 minutes of each other.

Beth Osmemt, the humane society’s director and treasurer, told 7NEWS animal control picked up the two dogs, Moose and Cash, last week. She said the animal shelter called her team to ask for emergency medical assistance when they learned of the dogs’ injuries.

“Both were very gentle, very good dogs, very very sweet pets,” said Osment.

Osment said she does not believe the cases are related.

Moose was shot in the chest, and does not have significant damage. Cash was shot in the knee, and will either need to have surgery or an amputation.

“He has a very bad wound in a very bad bad spot,” said Osment.

The humane society is working with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office to investigate how and why this happened.

Osment said her team has helped several animals who have been shot. While each case is different, she explained that animals often get shot when they roam into people’s yards.

“Shooting the dog, cat or any other animal immediately when it’s not an emergency situation where someone’s in harm is not the best course of action,” said Osment.

“People feel threatened by dogs that may be on their property that are running wild or could possibly hurt their animals,” added Angel Cox, the CEO of the Spartanburg Humane Society.

Cox said her team is seeing this in Spartanburg County as well.

“We do have cases that have come here,” said Cox. “Once we X-rayed them, we could see that they were completely filled with buckshot so we know they’ve been shot at.”

Under South Carolina law, it is illegal for pet owners to allow their animals roam outside of their property freely. Osment and Cox encourage pet owners to keep their animals contained or on a leash. They also advise that people call animal control if an animal gets into their yard.

“Always call animal control first so they can get there and give you some advice on what to do,” said Cox.

Osment said Moose and Cash will be available for adoption once they are recovered and healthy.