ANDERSON COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – The Anderson County Coroner’s Office said there has been a tremendous spike in overdose deaths recently.

“Our drugs deaths have increased tremendously. I think we’re no different than any other office across the United States right now,” said Chief Deputy Coroner Don McCown. “If you ask any coroner or medical examiner’s office, they’ll tell you that their drugs deaths have basically spiraled through the roof.”

On Monday night, the coroner’s office said they went Dean Springs Road in Williamston and found two people dead.

“Our investigators arrived on scene and determined that two individuals had indeed passed away,” McCown said.

McCown said the couple appeared to be in their late 40’s.

“One individual tested positive for some illicit drugs – fentanyl being the primary cause – and then the other one, we’re still waiting on some toxicology,” he said. “More than likely it’s going to be both into the drugs, but we’ve just got to confirm that first.”

While this is just one case, it points to a bigger problem.

“The big problem that we are seeing at least in our area, is that we’re not seeing the experimental young people anymore. We’re seeing the older population, which is even worse, because most of these people have underlying medical problems,” McCown said.

“So, when you start talking about doing fentanyl and cocaine and methamphetamine, and you already have high blood pressure, and you already have a heart condition, and you already have all these other medical problems – you just compounded the cause of your death,” McCown said. “As long as I’ve been in this field, didn’t see many 69-70 year-old’s venturing out to methamphetamines or venturing out to try some fentanyl, but we are seeing that now.”

McCown said they are answering drug death calls weekly.

“I’m going to say right now, it seems like we’re right around 50 percent,” McCown said. “I’m going to say about two to three deaths a week we’re having are drug related, whether it be methamphetamines, fentanyl, cocaine or heroin.”

McCown said fentanyl is big out there right now.

“The biggest thing with fentanyl, fentanyl is 100 times more potent than morphine. So just a tip of a pen can result in your death,” he said.

McCown said the pandemic and inflation could have a part in the cause.

“When you’ve gone through the pandemic they had nothing to do but to stay home and use drugs. So, we saw that big increase. Now, everybody is going back, well, inflation is going up. Some people can’t afford their medications, so they’re looking to illicit drugs to offset what they used to get their prescription meds for,” McCown said.

Along with seeing older adults, McCown said they are seeing the same people going down the wrong paths.

“We keep saying the same people getting brought back, and they keep going back down that same path. They really need help,” McCown said.

He said, no matter the age, there is help available to all.

“There are so many resources out there right now that can help them, if they just reach out for it,” McCown said. “There are so many groups out there right now, and I could just name name name name.”

“We work for a lot of dependency groups that are going out now, and try to talk to people. We got a group now that comes to the hospital,” he said.

“You can always get off. You can always get help. The alternative is you come to our side of the world and that’s what we don’t want,” he said.

Anderson County Coroner’s Office said in some overdose cases, first responders are getting there early enough to administer Narcan.

7NEWS spoke to officials at Anderson Oconee Behavioral Health Services who said you can find many resources here.