GREENVILLE S.C., (WSPA) – An Israel solidarity gathering was held at Unity Park Thursday in Greenville.

“South Carolina stands with Israel,” Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis said. “Let us now ask God to protect each of us and let us come together to support each other in Greenville County and stand against these blatant acts of terror.”

Those in attendance were not only honoring those who have been killed in the attack but those who will continue fighting for Israel. American citizens impacted in both Israel and here in the United States were also uplifted, while honoring our state’s Jewish community.

“Some of our local families have already felt the pain of loss and tragedy,” said Arielle Nakdimon, Southeast Anti-Defamation League Education Facilitator. “This is a way to come together to support Israel but also support the Jewish community here locally.”

Flags were passed out, music was played, and several community leaders stepped up to the podium to speak as people of all ages joined together to mourn the devastation of the Hamas attack against Israeli civilians.

“This is a horrific act of violence,” Israel native Edo Nakdimon said. “We need to make sure the world is aware of what Israel is dealing with and understand that Israel is not that one starting this thing. Israel has no choice but to respond and make sure of safety for the citizens”

The United States is in this fight as a major non-NATO ally, in support of Israel against Hamas.

Thursday at Unity Park, community members were encouraged to rise and stand in solidarity with Israel.

“We have to be a light,” Greenville Mayor Knox White said. “We have to be a beacon that pushes back against the darkness and pushes back against the evil.”

A vigil is expected to be held at Unity Park on Tuesday night.