SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA)- A South Carolina Administrative Law Court judge has reinstated a permit for a proposed RV park in Spartanburg County.

It’s a step forward for an Upstate developer.

“We have a valid septic tank permit which is very important to us and the project,” said Alex Shissias, a lawyer representing Blue Sky Associates, which is the project’s developer.

It’s also a setback for some Spartanburg County neighbors.

“It’s mildly disappointing, but it’s not going to stop us,” said Russ and Sally Rock, who oppose the RV project and are a part of the Golden Hills of Fairview Homeowner’s Association.

In June 2021, the Department of Health and Environmental Control staff granted the RV park project a septic tank permit, and in October, a group of homeowners filed a request for the DHEC board to review the permit. The DHEC board eventually reviewed the permit, overruled the staff’s decision, and denied the septic tank permit.

Last month, a judge said the homeowners’ request was not filed in a timely manner and reinstated the RV park’s permit.

“DHEC staff, these people are professionals, and every single RV park in the state has a septic system or almost all of them, and they’ve permitted all of them,” said Shissias.

The proposed ‘T. Tree Farms RV Park is located on Landrum Mill Road and would have about 50 parking spots on the site.

“We’re pro-development, but we want good development. We’re anti-bad development, and this RV park at that location, is just that,” said Rock.

Some neighbors believe the park could impact public health and the environment.

“It’s a real concern relative to drinking water, groundwater contamination, and runoff,” said Rock.

They believe the project’s septic system won’t be able to handle the volume of sewage. They said it’s one of many problems with the project.

“There are stormwater issues, there’s infrastructure issues, road issues, road safety, private property rights,” said Rock.

Shissias disagrees:

“That has nothing to do with this. These people do not want an RV park near them, that is it. They are not in my backyard,” said Shissias.

He said his client plans to move forward with the project.

“Certainly there are other permits that have to be obtained and we have no doubt that these people will appeal those too, and we will prevail in the end,” said Shissias.

The group of homeowners told 7News that they’ve already filed an appeal. Shissias said he and his client will continue to fight and take steps to build the RV park.