GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – According to South Carolina Highway Patrol Corporal, Tyler Tidwell, Labor Day is known as the end of the 100 deadly days of summer due to the amount of traffic fatalities and accidents that occur during the season. 

“We investigate those collisions and our goal as troopers is to get those traffic fatalities down to zero,” said Corporal Tidwell.

Tidwell advises drivers to reduce their speed, limit distractions and drive sober. 

“If you’re driving distracted for example, texting and driving, texting and driving citations are $25 or if you’re driving under the influence or you run a stop school bus sign, that can result in over $1000 in funds,” said Corporal Tidwell. 

South Carolina resident Michael Watkins said he often sees drivers texting while driving. 

“Put your phone down. I think that’s probably the biggest damper to driving now is that cellphone. ” 

South Carolina Highway Patrol reports 1,092 traffic fatalities in 2022. 

“We’re not out here to just issue people tickets and mess with people. We’re out here to change driving behaviors and habits to get them to drive safer and to be better drivers. That’s in the hope of us reducing our traffic fatalities and getting them from over 1000 a year down to 0,” said Corporal Tidwell.