SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A large amount of land on the south side of Spartanburg County is expected to be developed into over 1,000 homes.

According to City of Spartanburg Planning Commissioner Santiago Mariani, the housing development will be off Highway 290.

Over 550 plus acres of unincorporated land will be transformed into 1,161 units. Those will break down as the following:

  • The Point at Pearson – 767 patio homes
  • The Ridge at Pearson – 260 patio homes
  • Pearson Town Village – 134 townhomes

Spartanburg said as the county continues to advance, it’s important to remember housing options are crucial.

“You want to increase the supply to match the demand and that way keep it affordable,” said Santiago Mariani, Spartanburg planning commission member and realtor. “Because otherwise the children of Spartanburg and their children’s children, it’s going to become simply unaffordable to live here.”

A project like this is something County Councilman David Britt calls ‘smart growth.’

“We want communities where people can work and live close to where they work,” said David Britt, Spartanburg County Councilman. “Well, that’s happening now.”

This is already seen with the new Milo’s Tea facility right down the road from this potential new development. Yet a concern nearby residents have is the roads.

They said with this much housing being put in, a road improvement plan is needed. However, Britt said Spartanburg’s penny sales tax is exactly that. 

“That’s the fastest, the most efficient, the most painless way to fix our roads…is a one cent sales tax,” said Britt. “But Highway 290, Highway 221 and 101…those are great roads. They are doing exactly what we planned for them to do but I don’t think we ever anticipated that so many people would be building homes around that.”

These new homes aren’t the only developments being built in the area. Down the street is another area that will soon be transformed. While it’s half the size of the other, it will also be adding to the county’s massive growth.

No date was given as to when this project will begin or end.

Officials said they’ve been receiving social media comments about developments like this one but highly recommend attending the planning commission meetings to voice concerns or approval.