PICKENS CO., S.C. (WSPA) – Pickens County is getting some pushback from residents about major development plans.

County council members said it would bring almost 5,000 people to the county.

“The proposal was 1,260 houses, or so, with stand-alone houses and townhouses,” county council member Henry Wilson said.

If approved, the 650 acres, which sits near Jim Hunt Road, would become one of the largest neighborhoods in county.

“It’s a lot of families for an area like this,” Wilson said.

However, the plan is not without controversy.

“It’s the density of the project that concerns us, and the infrastructure around the area,” said nearby resident Daniel Lee.

One of the biggest issues being the single-lane road to the subdivision, which residents said will not support the amount of traffic the new homes will bring.

“You’re going to dump 1,268 homes in this area. If you look at the demographic in South Carolina, that’s 2.3 cars per household. So, you’re talking almost 3,000 cars,” said Lee.

Also, the sewer line that will have to run almost two miles from the subdivision.

“A lot of people in our area have moved there from Atlanta and places like that to avoid these situations. No one is against progress, we just want rational, controlled progress,” Lee said.

After talking about these concerns with residents, county council agreed to wait on any approval until more infrastructure decisions are made.

“In Pickens County we have not had significant development over the years. We’re more of a bedroom community where folks do their traveling, we’re talking about significant amounts of bedroom community activity with the growth we’re looking at,” Wilson said.

The application for this development will return to the planning commission next month.

Pickens County said, if approved, the subdivision will be built by Ryan Homes.