LAURENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — South Carolina Department of Transportation leaders said they’re replacing hundreds of bridges statewide as a part of their 10-year plan.

Work will soon start on a new project in Laurens County.

DOT leaders said Golden Acres Road will close on September 12 so crews can begin to replace the bridge over Millers Fork Creek.

“You always wonder if it’s going to fall in when you go across it,” said Michael Lawson, who lives near the bridge on Golden Acres Road.

Lawson said he’s excited to see the bridge replaced.

“I’ve been here 22 years. It’s been there ever since I’ve been here, they haven’t ever done anything to it,” said Lawson.

DOT leaders said this project is a part of their 10-year plan to improve roads and bridges statewide. They said the new bridge will be wider and have updated guardrails to make it safer.

There will also be no weight restrictions on the new bridge.

“I’m glad the bridge is being fixed, but I don’t want the trucks coming up through here,” said Lawson.

Neighbors said with no weight restriction on the bridge, more trucks will likely drive past their homes.

“If they’ve got a big bridge to go across, they’re going to use it,” said Lawson.

Lawson said he lives on a quiet road and said children who live nearby are often outside playing.

“The kids out here ride golf carts and stuff up and down the road, and it’s kind of scary with that curve down here,” said Lawson.

While he’s glad crews are replacing the bridge, he said when the bridge re-opens, it could create problems for neighbors and drivers.

“There have already been a couple wrecks on this road and if any big trucks are flying up through here, they don’t do the speed limit, they go wide open when they come up through here,” Lawson said. “I’m scared there’s going to be wrecks out here, you’re trying to pull out of your driveway and they come out that curve right there.”

DOT leaders said the bridge is expected to reopen in March. 

People can see the full list of projects in the Department of Transportation’s 10-year plan online.