(WSPA) – Two law firms have announced they are taking legal action against Rockstar Cheer just days after its owner died by suicide, alleging years of sexual misconduct.

Attorneys with Strom Law Firm, based in Columbia, S.C., revealed they are “representing multiple victims” in legal action against the Greenville-based cheerleading and dance school regarding “incidents that go back 20 years with countless potential victims.”

This comes after Rockstar Cheer’s founder, Scott Foster, died by suicide on August 22, according to the Greenville County Coroner’s Office. Strom Law Firm said Foster had been the “subject of a multi-jurisdictional investigation being led by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) into allegations of sexual misconduct.” A spokesperson for DHS told 7NEWS they were not able to reveal if a person is under investigation.

The legal action will also include the cheerleading company, Varsity Spirit. Strom Law Firm stated attorneys will also push to reform the U.S. All Star Federation, a system they allege “left [victims] and countless others in harm’s way.”

McGrath Law Firm, based in Mount Pleasant, S.C., also announced a multi-party legal action against Rockstar Cheer that includes “claims of underage drinking and sexual misconduct.” The law firm stated in a release that they have handled cases against the cheerleading school in the past, stating “there is a history of [Foster’s] behavior with underage children.”

Rockstar Cheer has several locations throughout the southeast, as well as in Arizona, Ohio and Rhode Island. The owners of Rockstar Cheer franchises across the country released a joint statement Monday, saying they will be changing their name and rebranding in light of the accusations against Foster.

7NEWS spoke with the Julie Valentine Center, a non-profit organization, about the impact of sexual abuse and assault on a person.

“The reality is that most individuals who have been sexually abused are abused by someone they know, love and trust,” said CEO Shauna Galloway-Williams.

Galloway-Williams said many victims never speak out about their abuse.

“Anytime there’s someone who’s in a position of power or authority, that relationship dynamic makes it even more difficult for children to tell.”

She encouraged parents to talk with their children and reminded victims it is never too late to speak out or seek help.

“Abuse is never the fault of the victim,” said Galloway-Williams. “It’s always the responsibility of the person who committed the act. I would tell parents it’s important to believe and support your child. It’s not your job to question whether this happened to them.”

Services for abuse victims

  • Julie Valentine Center 24/7 crisis line: 864-467-3633
  • To report suspected child abuse or neglect, contact the SCDSS 24-hour hotline: 1-888-227-3487