GREENVILLE CO., SC (WSPA) – South Carolina lawmakers reacted to the school shooting Thursday at a Greenville County school.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said one student shot another student around 12:30pm at Tanglewood Middle School.

The student later died from his injuries.

Governor Henry McMaster asked for prayers for those affected by the shooting.

“I ask that you join Peggy and me in praying for the families, students, and communities affected by this tragic situation,” said Gov. McMaster in a tweet.

McMaster also said that he was in contact with Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Chief Mark Keel regarding the shooting.

“I have spoken with Sheriff Lewis and SLED Chief Keel about the shooting at Tanglewood Middle School,” stated McMaster in a tweet. “I’m grateful for the officers and agents who responded quickly and admirably to an immensely difficult situation.”

Senator Tim Scott also offered his prayers for the students and families at Tanglewood Middle.

“Hearing the heartbreaking news out of Greenville,” said Sen. Scott. “Praying for the students at Tanglewood Middle School and the families affected.”

Congressman William Timmons also tweeted about the shooting, stating that he and his wife were “devastated to hear the news from Tanglewood Middle School.”

“Our prayers are with the loved ones of the student who has just passed away as they face an unthinkable situation,” Rep. Timmons continued. “I know our community will rally behind them and support them in every possible way.”