SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – With holidays comes last-minute shopping. 

Yet for Halloween Express, the preparation takes months. They tell us they begin preparing in August but say most of their customers arrive the day before Halloween to get their shopping done. However, the owner Barric Thompson says this year, that’s not by choice. 

“It’s tough this year, everyone knows the economy’s not doing well and you’re paying more for food, groceries and gas and I think it’s tough to spend some money on Halloween stuff and most people are waiting until the last minute to see if they can afford all of that.”

Aside from waiting, we’re told other Halloween shoppers have found themselves joining the last-minute crowd for different issues.

“Last minute is different this year,” said Michael Batton, Halloween Express. “A lot of families told me that Amazon dropped the ball on them so they’re not getting their costumes until the second or the third which we all know is too late, which is why they come in here and get their costumes.”

Some customers tell us they’re walking into the store late, just to enjoy the Halloween nostalgia.

“Just to see the scary masks and stuff I really enjoy seeing the masks and everything,” said Jacob Smith, a customer. “I’m just browsing through here. I just like looking at all the cool things they have here.”

Despite a few adjustments this year, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the excitement.