A new open-mic event in Greenville features local storytellers exploring personal experiences.

Ales & Tales is held every month at Tetrad Brewing at 603 East Stone Avenue.

“It’s an open-mic where people can sign up to tell their stories. The idea came from “The Moth” as everyone has a story but maybe not a place to tell it, according to Tetrad co-founder Chad Tydings.

The event is hosted and curated by Gabrielle Saulsbery, who moved to the area last year.

Gabrielle Saulsbery
Ales and Tales is hosted and curated by Gabrielle Saulsbery.

“As a longtime fan of The Moth radio show on NPR, I started attending a storytelling open mic called Front Parlor Series in Albany, NY, my hometown, several years ago,” she said. “Stories bring people together – I’ve always loved hearing others’ stories, and sharing my own to encourage the shyer types to open up, too.”

On April 20, the theme was “In Bloom.” A dozen or so patrons gathered at the brewery to listen and share their stories in a supportive environment. The next scheduled event is scheduled for May 18. The theme is “The Dirt.”

Ales and Tales
Guests hear personal stories at Ales and Tales inside Tetrad Brewing in Greenville on April 20.

“Ales & Tales features five-minute stories, true as remembered, on a theme without notes – just focusing on the art and arc of storytelling, of feeling things and making other people feel them, too,” Saulsbery said.

After moving to the area, she said she realized that Greenville was the perfect place for this sort of event – friendly people, open to trying something new.