ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – Soon, food creators in Anderson will be able to rent out space in a community kitchen and sell their products.

It’s the city’s way of supporting small food businesses trying to take things to the next level.

Sarah and Matthew Bradford have been flipping burgers for their food truck business, called Matty’s Pattys, for about a year.

“We really just wanted to bring that hip, metropolitan vibe to Anderson. It’s something we hadn’t seen, so we started with a truck,” Matthew Bradford said.

So many local food creators depend on their own equipment and kitchens to make their product and store it.

The Bradfords said to stay up to standard with health code regulations, they have to drive to Greenville to store their food.

“It does put a lot of cost and wear and tear on trucks and trailers going to and from Anderson,” Matthew Bradford said.

Food entrepreneurs like the Bradfords are why the city of Anderson created a community kitchen.

“We have a number of food trucks. We have small businesses here that want to get started. We have a lot of folks that are making food out of their homes that really need a commercial kitchen to move to the next step,” Assistant City Manager Andrew Strickland said.

It’s a one-stop shop for creators, with ovens, stoves, deep fryers and dry and refrigerated storage space.

“They can rent space hourly, prepare their food as they need it and then sell it to the community without having to build a commercial kitchen which is very expensive.”

The Bradfords said they hope this inspires others to get in the food business.

“I think it’ll bring other people to Anderson or encourage other people in Anderson to start something like this to just have more variety and encourage people that they can start something in Anderson, they don’t have to go somewhere else,” Sarah Bradford said.

The city said they’re still figuring out what the hourly rates for renters will be.

The kitchen is set to open at the beginning of next year.