SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Internet provider Lumos announced this week it will bring fiber optic internet to Spartanburg County. Currently, no fiber optic service is offered to most homes in the county.

Through a $60 million investment, Lumos said it will lay over 700 miles of cable, bringing the service to homes in Spartanburg, Cowpens, Duncan, Lyman, Greer and Wellford.

“Traditional internet service comes over copper wires, whether it’s through the phone company or through the cable company. That infrastructure was really built for the last 50 years,” Lumos VP of Market Development Derek Kelly said. “With fiber optic, the speed and traffic you can go through is sort of endless.”

Fiber optic allows for a more stable connection to the internet, with download speeds up to 30 times faster and upload speeds up to 385 times faster than traditional cable or DSL connections.

“High speed internet, broadband, it’s not really a luxury,” Spartanburg County Councilman David Britt said. “It’s an essential item for doing business and doing life.”

Lumos told 7NEWS it is not yet ready to launch the service, but interested individuals can enroll in updates from the company here.