PIEDMONT, S.C. (WSPA) – As the Summer months begin to wind down, haunted houses are starting to open for the season.

Resting on roughly five acres of land, the Upstate’s popular MadWorld Haunted Attraction reopened Friday.

For the past several months, crews have been hard at work revamping the attraction with the latest scare tactics of the season.

“We have so many new surprises and we are ready to get it open,” said Joseph Thompson, Co-Owner, MadWorld Haunted Attraction.

As for the surprises, Thompson told 7NEWS the list is lengthy.

In addition to its usual haunted house, you can enter if you dare into MadWorld’s new Witch Village, a Chainsaw Massacre-themed house, and a haunted diner.

“We love everyone to come out here no matter their age and come out saying, you know what, we had the best time ever,” said Thompson.

For 12 years, the attraction has grown and gained national recognition at the top of lists of some of the country’s scariest entertainment lists.

“You know, when you build all year and put it all together and finally open the gates and see the customers come through and scream, laugh and have fun together with friends and family, that is the best thing for us to watch,” said Thompson.

And he said it all sparked with a passion for horror.

“We’ve always loved horror movies. I have been going into haunted houses since I was two years old,” Thompson explained. “And so, it was something that me and my brother Tim wanted to get into because we had a passion for it and that passion grew and grew and grew into what it is today.” 

Whether you plan to brave the front of the line or trail the back of the group, surprises await around each coroner.

MadWorld’s co-owner said there are “no scare” medallions available for purchase for children who would not like to be scared. There are also other activities such as axe throwing, mini golf, and more.

MadWorld Haunted Attraction opens Friday, September 9 from 8-11 p.m. and will be on weekends through November 5.