GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A death investigation is underway after a man was found behind a Greenville County Plaza Thursday afternoon.

According to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, deputies received a call at 5:42 p.m. that a man was found unresponsive at the back of the business located at 2017 Wade Hampton Boulevard.

The Greenville County Coroner’s Office identified the man as 36-year-old, Walker Corey Boyd. Investigators said Boyd was found to have no injuries, adding that foul play is not suspected at this time.

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

7NEWS spoke exclusively to a woman who said she discovered him, as she was walking from work to the nearby Motel 6.

“When I came home like I said, I seen him over there on one knee and he just kind kept rocking forward, and then I went on up to my room and came down to get tissue paper and stuff out of the office and noticed he was really slumped over,” said Carol Hedrick. “So I went over to Cycle Gear and told them that they needed to call and ambulance or the police…that there was a gentlemen laying back there,” she said. “I felt that he needed help, and that’s when I went over there and told them,” Hedrick said.

Reports from the coroner’s office stated Boyd was transient.

“I didn’t know him and I never seen him before,” Hedrick said. “It bothers me,” she said. “It bothers me because he was not very old,” she said.

“I just hope his family finds peace some how,” a man said. “If they see this, I just hope they find some peace.”