SENECA, S.C. (WSPA) – A man was sentenced to spend more than a decade behind bars for a 2019 high-speed chase that ended in a deadly crash in Oconee County.

On Monday, an Oconee County courtroom was filled with emotion as El Asia Hassian Muhammad, 21, appeared before a judge for a crime that killed Vanessa Leanne Neimeyer, 39, in the bedroom of her home.

“This case was certainly a tragedy to multiple people,” said judge R. Scott Sprouse.

Officials said it was a tragic scene they responded to in July of 2019. According to troopers, Muhammad, 19-years-old at the time, led Highway Patrol on a high-speed chase after fleeing a license checkpoint.

“He slowed down for the first trooper standing in the road, but he said he didn’t stop. Then as soon as he approached him, he took off,” said a Highway Patrol trooper.

Inside the the courtroom on Monday, troopers recalled reaching speeds of up to 120 mph while chasing Muhammad. They said he later crashed into the basement of a Seneca home, landing on top of Neimeyer who was laying in her bed.

According to the Oconee County Coroner, Neimeyer died at the scene.

“I know you didn’t intend to kill someone, but you made a series of bad choices,” said Sprouse.

On Monday, Muhammad pleaded guilty and was sentenced by the judge to 12 years behind bars.

“In balancing everything, the sentencing of the court is being you confined to the Department of Corrections for the term 12 years. The sentence will commence as of July the 2nd, 2019 with mental health counselling, mental health evaluation,” said Sprouse.

Muhammad apologized to the Neimeyer family multiple times, expressing his regrets.

“I will take this with me for the rest of my life. Once again, I want to apologize to the family,” said Muhammad.

The victim’s family said, while they will never be able to fill the void of Vanessa’s death, they believe Muhammad should be forgiven.

“I wish that he had gotten less but I think the judge was trying to be very fair,” said Shirley Neimeyer, Vanessa’s mother. “He was really young and I do wish for him to have a good life and his family to have peace.”

Now, Vanessa lives on through stories and photographs.

“She just had a lot of great wit and teasing and make everybody smile. She just was funny and she treated everybody fairly,” said Shirley Neimeyer.

Almost three years later, it’s something Vanessa’s mother told 7NEWS has helped her find closure.

“I believe I will be seeing her again. That gives me a lot of peace,” Neimeyer said.