SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – If you’ve been shopping for groceries lately, you may have noticed meat prices are at an all-time high.

The owner of Tate Meatworks, Grant Tate, said in all his years in the meat industry, he’s never seen prices skyrocket like this.

He said this increase is for all kinds of meat.

“Ground beef, right now, double what it should be, tenderloin is about 50% higher than it should be, strips, at least 50% higher, ribeye’s are closer to 60% higher,” said Tate.

Tate has owned his butcher shop since 1997. He said there are a lot of factors behind the price hikes but the main problem is supply.

“We’re just short, and the bottom line is, is that you still have problems with the supply chain, getting it here, a lot of these plants aren’t all full employment still, you’ve got the new covid stuff coming through,” he said.

He said all his employees are working around the clock.

“We shut down for a week, just so the guys could take some time off, it’s, the growth is through the roof, the demand for high-end beef is through the roof,” said Tate.

And, he said it’s not just beef that’s seeing a price increase.

“Chicken, totally out of control. I mean, I’ve never seen chicken wings priced the way they’re priced,” said Tate.

Kasyia Meadows said she’s noticed. 

“It’s a lot more than it used to be, grocery shopping is getting harder,” said Meadows.

She said buying the cheapest meat available isn’t the best option.

“I think if you want to get it cheaper, then you have to get a lower quality. I don’t think it’s really fair for the other people who are trying to eat healthier. Because if you get lower quality, then there’s more fat,” she said.

Tate thinks things are only going to be getting more expensive.

“It’s not a problem of me getting it, it’s a problem of me getting it at a price I can sell without people swallowing their tongue,” he said.

Tate said ways to save on meat are to find good deals, buy in bulk if you can, and call grocery stores and distributers to see what they have more of.

The Biden Administration has announced a one billion dollar plan for independent meat and poultry producers. They said their goal is to help the industry and lower prices for consumers.