ANDERSON S.C. (WSPA) — The bronze sculpture is 12 feet with a wingspan of 14.5 feet and weighs 3000 pounds. 

A community group called “To Better Anderson” collaborated with Anderson County to add this piece of art behind the Historic House Downtown on E Benson St. 

TBA Member, Robert Rainey, said the Millennium Pegasus is the seventh project the group has installed, in what they said adds value to downtown.

The purchase, transportation, and installation of Pegasus is funded privately by TBA. Anderson County provided the location, concrete slab, and lighting for the installation. 

Robert Rainey contacted the sculptor, Sandy Scott, to see if the statue was something they could place in Anderson. 

“I had spoken to Sandy and she was saying well I have this piece of sculpture in storage in Denver. It’s been on display now it’s in storage and I said well that might be perfect. It ties into a project that we could do in a realistic time frame,”  said Rainey. 

According to Sandy Scott, the Millennium Pegasus is a representation of the immortal winged horse from Greek mythology. 

“Basically it’s come to be known as a symbol of inspiration. This piece was created in 1999 just as we were changing Millenniums thus the title of the name. Here in Anderson, specially connected to Anderson University as young people come out of the university, what could be better than inspiration? I modeled the image with the horse’s head cast skyward as all things are possible,” said Scott. 

According to Rainey, the sculpture will be moved to Anderson University in the next two to three years once they have a suitable space for it. 

“In the meantime, the county can enjoy it downtown,” said Rainey. 

The TBA community group said people are welcome to take pictures of the sculpture, but they do ask for people to not climb on it.