UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A death investigation is underway in Union County after a hunter was found dead Wednesday morning.

The Union County Coroner’s Office said 68-year-old Charles Michaels was found dead around 11:30 a.m.

Officials said he left earlier in the week to go hunting and never came home.

“That was around 5:45, on Monday, that was the last time anybody heard anything,” said Sheriff Jeff Baily.

Sheriff Bailey said Michaels went to a hunt camp on Monday.

“He sent a text message at that time. So, that was the last contact he had with anybody,” he said.

The sheriff said Michaels’ neighbor noticed he didn’t come home.

“The neighbor noticed, yesterday, that she didn’t see him around the home, and they live side by side,” said Sheriff Bailey. “And then she noticed last night that there was no lights on in his mobile home.”

Michaels was officially reported missing Wednesday morning. The sheriff said the neighbor called he hunt club, where Michaels was a member, and they went to look.

“They went and looked yesterday afternoon, but they didn’t see anything, because it was so dark,” he said. “Then, this morning, early, he went down there, and they went to the area where he normally hunted, and they found him deceased.”

Michaels was found near St. Lukes Road and Tuckertown Road. The sheriff’s office said they don’t suspect foul play.

“Well, the coroner looked at it and just from first sight it looks like natural causes, but we’ll actually do an autopsy and investigate from that point on. But, right now, it looks like it was just natural,” said Sheriff Bailey.

The sheriff had some safety tips for hunting season.

“It’s always a good idea to hunt with somebody else and to let people know where you’re hunting, and the location,” said Sheriff Bailey. “That way if you don’t show back up at a certain time, that evening, that night, they’ll know to come check for you.”

He said searching for missing hunters isn’t rare.

“Sometimes that happens, I think there were three or four calls last year, last hunting season of people getting lost in the woods,” said the Sheriff.

Sheriff Bailey said they will know more about Michaels’ death after the autopsy. The coroner’s office said an autopsy will be performed Friday afternoon.

The Department of Natural Resources is in charge of the investigation.