ANDERSON CO., S.C.(WSPA) – According to Mojave Vice President of Manufacturing Robert Francher, the clean air energy system will bring its first plant to Anderson County. This $4 million investment will create 200 new jobs paying up to $30 an hour. 

“This is a project that has been very very positive for us so we’re excited,” said Anderson County Economic Development Director, Burriss Nelson. 

Francher said the company will have entry level and senior level positions available and will train workers.

“We’re going to have people with 20 or 30 years of experience on down to graduating from high school,” said Francher. 

According to Francher, new hires need to be knowledgeable of how air conditioners work. 

“Some of the other skills are brazing copper, working with refrigerants, electrical and controls technicians,” said Francher. 

He also said that having a diverse team will create a well rounded workforce. 

“We don’t need one type of person who can do everything. You need to have specialized people in certain areas and the generalist and the lower skill tasks such as basic assembly work,” said Francher. 

The company said the facility is set to open the day after Thanksgiving but they are accepting applications now. 

If you are interested in applying, click here.