PICKENS COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office continues to look for a man who has been missing for almost four months.

Investigators said they searched hundreds of acres on Thursday for Boyce Morris Jr, who was last seen on February 13th.

Captain Chuck James with the sheriff’s office said there aren’t many outstanding missing persons cases in the county. Now they’re working with family to put this case to rest.

“Our concerns are to account for his well-being. You know we searched that area today and there was no evidence that he was found,” Captain James said.

“We will continue to do over time. We just want to find him. If he ran away from home and he doesn’t want to be contacted by his family members, we would ask at the very least, contact us and let us verify his well-being–so that we can put this case to rest, and at the very least, give his family a peace of mind,” James said.

Morris’ aunt, Deborah Andrews, said he was sick prior to disappearing.

“He had been real bad sick. He had ear infection, bronchitis and stuff and he was delirious that morning. Delirious talking out of his head a little bit,” said Andrews.

Andrews said that when Morris’ mother talked about calling EMS, he took off.

“He just flipped out and took off out the door. Nothing but his socked feet, pajama buttons and a t-shirt.

Investigators said Morris ran into the woods by their home on Reece Mill Road and never returned.

“His mother had called EMS, requesting EMS respond to the house due to the fact he wasn’t feeling well. It’s our understanding based on what we were told, that he did not want to leave with EMS and that he fled the home immediately prior to the arrival of EMS,” Captain James said.

James said there have been a number of searches since Morris’ disappearance.

“Since that time, we’ve continued to search for him, but the leads have been limited primarily due to the fact that he didn’t leave with a wallet. He didn’t leave with a cell phone. There’s no evidence that there was an intent to leave,” Captain James said.

Thursday, the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office resumed and expanded their hunt, searching roughly 1,600 acres with more manpower, including five human remains detection dogs.

“We have just continued to search for him and then, ultimately today, we went back out there primarily due to kind of the change in season and things like that, to go back out and see if we could locate any other evidence that maybe we didn’t see the first several times that we went through there,” Captain James said.

“And then we wanted to expand the search out a little further, and utilize in this case, numerous cadaver dogs, just in case it’s a worst case scenario,” he said.

“They done that big search today, they covered a lot of acres, I was there with my sister Lynn when they come up and told her they did not find anything today,” Andrews said. “My heart dropped to my feet.”

Now the family is holding on to hope.

“We’ve always been close. He’s just a wonderful person. He’s always fun to be around. If I needed something–if I needed help with something, all I had to do is call him,” Andrews said.

“It’s got me off balance here,” she said. “I just wish that he would come home or they could give us closure, and if there’s somebody out there knows anything, could they please come forth.”

The family hopes that the community continues to keep searching for Morris until he is found.

“My hope is that we can find him alive, but I know in my heart somehow that, that’s not going to be possible,” Andrews said.

“And if there is anyway that we can get closure and they could find where he’s at, for the healing process–especially for my sister,” said Andrews. “She’s taking it so hard, and I just don’t think she’ll make it.”

Captain James said there are no additional searches planned at this time. However, they will be looking over satellite imagery and maps of the area, to see if there are other ways Morris could’ve gone.

“Well, every missing person we investigate from a suspicious standpoint. Right now, there’s no evidence to suggest there’s any foul play or suspicious activity,” James said. “However, that’s not something that we’re ever prepared to rule out either. So, it’s something that we investigate from the most serious standpoint, but at this point, there’s no evidence in that.”

Anyone with information about Morris Jr.’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office at (864) 898-5500.