LANDRUM, S.C. (WSPA) – A potential housing boom could be coming to Landrum, but not everyone is on board.

The land behind the new farmer’s market, off Highway 14, is currently undeveloped. Officials with Landrum say it could be turned into 155 single-family homes.

Some people in Landrum like the small-town feel.

“A lot of people moved here, or live here, because it’s small, it’s quaint, we don’t have big named stores in the area, it’s mom and pop owned stores.” said Tammy Swain.

Swain owns Main Street Salon. For a small business owner like her, more people means more business.

“We have a couple of girls here that are building their clientele, so it definitely means more business for them building their clientele,” she said.

She said a lot of her clients have spoken to her about their concern over the potential growth.

“This one main road coming in, we already have a ton of 18-wheelers that go through this town all the time, and I do hear a lot of complaints about that. So, I think the traffic and infrastructure needs a lot of work,” said Swain.”

Mayor Robert Briggs said the 65 acres in question would be rezoned, offering a broad range of home and plot sizes. With this project, he said a lot of things have been considered.

“We’ve gotten letters from Spartanburg Water and Spartanburg Sewer saying they can handle the additional needs there. School District 1, we don’t have a say in that, but the school says they can handle additional students,” said Mayor Briggs.

The planning board has approved the project and the mayor said more housing is needed.

“It’ll be a great asset to the town. I think as all municipalities and counties around the Upstate, we have a shortage of housing,” he said.

Spartanburg County Councilmember David Britt said growth is coming.

“Landrum, in particular, is in a great area. So, they’re poised for tremendous growth,” said Britt.

For the people who don’t want the housing development to break ground, he said there is a bright side.

“These residents that live there, when they start seeing the benefits of it, more restaurants, opportunities, people will actually pick up the tax burden that they’re having to handle themselves, it’ll be spread amongst a lot of people,” he said.

Mayor Briggs said the next step for this project is for council to vote after the public hearing in October.

If everything gets approved, Mayor Briggs said construction could start as early as this year.