SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- The Main Street Motel is closing for renovations under new ownership but now, people who call it home said they have nowhere to go. 

Gail Wilkins said she’s one of them.

“This is home and this has been home for a long time for a lot of us, now we don’t know what we’re gonna do,” said Wilkins, a resident.

7NEWS spoke with the current owner, who said tenants have to leave before new ownership takes over. 

But residents tell us they wish they heard sooner. 

“Especially for the kids I’ve seen here,” said Wilkins. “It’s very sad, very sad you didn’t even give us a 30-day notice. We found out Friday, you give us a week.”

Some worked at the motel which helped with the cost of rent but with the news of closing, came the loss of jobs.

They said now they’re turning to other resources in the final week they have left at the motel.

“If it had not been for my church paying for a week, me and my spouse wouldn’t be here either,” said Wilkins.

Residents said they’ll be spending the next week gathering their belongings and looking for solutions.

“My concern is not having a roof over none of our heads, you got money, you can go where you wanna go, most people here don’t have money,” said Wilkins.

The current owner said renovations will start in a few weeks. He declined to speak on camera about the ownership change.