SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- Neighbors next to Storage Rentals of America in Spartanburg tell us that thieves climb the side of a fence to cut a hole, to then squeeze through and break into the storage units.

That information is also detailed in a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Report.

According to the report, seven storage units and a trailer were broken into along South Blackstock Road between 3 p.m. on Thursday to noon on Friday.

Deputies spoke with a manager at the storage company who said this is not the first time a crime like this has taken place here.

Doors were smashed in multiple places, and various items and boxes were scattered outside of damaged units.

Businesses close to the break-in say the area is seeing more crime these days, “it doesn’t surprise me there used to be a huge camp right there until the land got sold to someone and they cut down the trees,” Devin Seay with Bullis Hardware said.

According to the report, there is no video surveillance of the break-ins at the storage center however, businesses nearby are making sure that their cameras are capturing everything.

“I am not too particularly scared about it because I know we got cameras all around here and we are actually really good friends with law enforcement.”

No one is in custody for the break-ins regarding the storage units at this time.