GREENWOOD, S.C. (WSPA)- The Greenwood County Fire Service and the Greenwood City Fire Department were called out to a reported home fire on Christmas morning.

“She was two inches away from some pretty nasty smoke, had she been in that, the outcome would’ve been significantly worse,” said Nik Gilchrist, Greenwood Fire Department.

From the outside, the home appears unharmed. But on the inside, Battalion Chief Ed Carter said it was a much different scene. 

“We got there pretty quick, as I pulled up I noticed heavy smoke coming out of the structure and on my way there I was notified via telephone that we had entrapment,” said Edward Carter, Greenwood Fire Department.

When crews arrived at the scene the woman trapped inside the home was on the phone with a dispatcher, who said they heard firefighters pounding the door.

Firefighter Gilchrist located the woman, who was by then unconscious, while Lt. Tim Warner kept the fire at bay. 

“I located the victim in the fetal position holding her dog,” said Gilchrist. “I was able to get the victim up and take her to the door about 9 feet away, place her outside and handed her over to some other firemen to start patient care. I went back inside to where I found the victim in the corner and I got her dog and was able to rescue the dog as well.” 

Officials said this fire kickstarted an extremely busy day for crews. 

“16 calls so far today, so you witnessed our last one the drug overdose and that seems to be getting more and more prevalent here and around the country as well, so we’ve stayed quite busy today on Christmas day,” said Lt. Tim Warner, Greenwood Fire Department. 

A busy Christmas day, and last day, for Battalion Chief Ed Carter, who has served 35 years with the Greenwood Fire Department. 

“When you spend one third of your life somewhere working the 24 hour shifts we work, you spend an awful lot of time with these guys so they’re more like family than they are coworkers,” said Carter.

He said he was just glad his team made it to the home on Florida Avenue when they did. 

“Considering the outcome of that first fire this morning I think it’s very beneficial that you have guys like this that are well trained and ready to handle problems regardless of what day it is,” said Carter.

Lt. Warner added the rescue made speaks for the entire fire department. 

“We’re not heroes, we were just the ones picked to ride in that seat that day, anybody here would’ve done the same thing,” said Warner.

The Greenwood Fire Department said this is still an active investigation. Crews said the cause of the fire was not due to anything related to the cold weather.

Multiple Greenwood County and Greenwood city fire units responded to the scene.

 The occupant who was rescued was treated on scene and transported to a medical facility. The occupant’s injuries are non-life-threatening.