CHEROKEE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Multiple puppies were abandoned in Cherokee County last week with most able to be rescued.

Eight puppies, in total, were abandoned underneath a bridge on Double Bridge Road, all being left to die.

The people who saved them said two puppies had passed away by the time they found them, but they were able to rescue the remaining six.

They said they were malnourished and some were severely injured.

“They had nothing to eat, the things down there in that creek, that creek is so polluted, drinking the water could have very easily killed them,” said Michelle Grant.

Last Tuesday, Michelle Grant’s daughter found 3 puppies. Grant said they spent the next few days looking for others.

“You know, it’s just inhumane. It’s inhumane and who would do that to these puppies,” she said.

Grant said they found 6 puppies alive and that her dog helped in the search.

“The fifth one, that’s still alive, I could see it’s head and it’s coming towards her. So, she’s, you know, so excited and licking on him and everything,” said Grant.

Grant’s husband is a local veterinarian and was able to give all six puppies the medical attention they needed. Grant said one puppy has a hole in its ear and another had to have its leg amputated.

“I got her, so pitiful, just licking me like, you know, like you saved me. And that’s horrible, it should never be like that,” she said.

Grant believes the puppies are just six-weeks-old.

“They all were used to humans though, because they all wanted to come to you and you take care of them,” she said.

Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller said nobody has filed a police report yet.

“You like to find people like this. If they can throw a puppy out, I promise you, they can hurt human life,” said Sheriff Mueller.

He’s hoping someone with information will come forward.

“Somebody knows that there was a dog that had a large number of puppies. They may have saw them in a home, and now, all of a sudden, those puppies are gone,” he said.

Sheriff Mueller said, until then, their hands are tied.

“We need some information to go on to start some investigative leads, and then, give our investigators an opportunity to follow up on that,” said Sheriff Mueller.

Grant said there are plenty of options for people to choose if they can’t care for their animals.

“This is cruel, it’s inhumane. I mean, if you can’t take care of them and you can’t find somebody that will, take them to a shelter,” she said.

Grant said the puppies will be available for adoption soon. If you’re interested, just contact the Cherokee County Animal Hospital.

If you have any information about this situation, you’re asked to contact the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office or CRIMEStoppers. Mueller said whoever is responsible could face charges for animal neglect and ill treatment towards animals.