ANDERSON COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – This week there have been two large seizures of dogs in the Upstate, one at a home in Enoree and another in Greer.

Upstate shelters were at or over capacity before they rescued the dogs from those properties.

40 new dogs have been added at Anderson County P.A.W.S. They were removed from the home near Enoree in Laurens County.

Dr. Kim Sanders said the dogs are being nursed back to health now, but this is on top of an already filled shelter.

“It’s the middle of summer. Every shelter across the country is struggling right now with adoption numbers and so the shelters are already full,” Dr. Sanders said.

“So to have to make that phone call and tell my intake supervisor, ‘hey, we’re heading back with 40 dogs,’ is really tough. You know the response I got was, ‘you’re joking,'” she said.

The dogs recently came in filled with anxiety. Those dogs were also frightened and in pain.

“It was very, very upsetting. Especially them being just wonderful kind-hearted sweet Labradors,” Dr. Sanders said. “You know, it’s America’s dog. And so it’s always extremely upsetting to see any dog suffering. It was a really tough day for my staff.”

Dr. Sanders said those dogs were found living in the worst conditions.

“These guys are pretty malnourished,” explained Dr. Sanders. “You can see their hip bones everything.”

“It was just really heartbreaking to see so many dogs in absolutely filthy living conditions. You know there were deceased dogs on the property,” said Dr. Sanders. “There were quite a few dogs’ skulls around the property. You know, some of these dogs were living in small black wire crates and they were just living in their feces. A lot of the cages had old wet food and maggots. These dogs had clearly not been out of those kennels for quite some time.”

Anderson County P.A.W.S was already full when the dogs were brought to the facility.

“We have over 150 large dogs here at the shelter. I mean, yeah, it’s just so important that people come in– that they foster for us,” Dr. Sanders said.

It’s a similar story for Greenville County Animal Care. They recently took in 41 of 58 dogs in an animal cruelty case at a home near Greer in Spartanburg County.

“We were already full and now you get sort of a dramatic event like this, and it really puts a lot of pressure on space and on staff,” said Greenville County spokesperson Bob Mihalic. “So, while the dogs in the current situation that are coming to us, about 40 of them they have been abused. They have been neglected. Those pets are not up for adoption yet, but we do have a full shelter and a large selection of wonderful pets that are available for adoption, and citizens could really help by adopting or fostering a pet that’s currently in Greenville County Animal Care.”

“That would open up space and free up manpower for us to assist these animals that have been abused and neglected,” Mihalic said.

People running these shelters hope you can now play a part in this rescue.

“There’s been a need for adoption and foster, really for the past year and a half,” Mihalic said. “And a major event like this, really creates just more of a strain. You know when a shelter is full, there’s always the call out to come help. The reason there’s always that call to come help, is because unfortunately situations like we had this week, happen way too often. So, you already have a full shelter, it makes it more difficult to deal with a dramatic influx like we’re having.”

“We were already full to begin with, and now we have 40 dogs onsite that require extra attention,” Dr. Sanders said. “So, yeah that’s always in the back of my mind. I always get a little bit nervous when another shelter calls me from across the state.”

Dr. Sanders is hopeful that the animals can find a good home.

“They deserve a really good chance at life that they’ve not been given yet,” Dr. Sanders said.

The dogs being held at Anderson County P.A.W.S are ready for adoption right now. As for the pets at Greenville County Animal Care, we’re told they are still going through intake and being medically treated.

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