OCONEE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) —  According to the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office, Faith and Blue weekend is the opportunity for the community to engage with law enforcement in a relaxed setting such as a luncheon and community walk. 

Master Deputy Jimmy Watt, said this initiative bridges the gap between law enforcement and the community in an effort to build a stronger bond between the two.

“There was a pastor in Atlanta who came up with this initiative a few years ago and other counties across the country have picked up on it. Having pastors or clergy in our faith community help bridge those gaps and build those relationships with our citizens is what has been close to all of our hearts,”  said Watt.

Today at the Oconee County Law Enforcement Center, Oconee County Law Enforcement and community leaders gathered to talk about how to make the community safer. 

“We are huge advocates of community policing and building relationships with our citizens. If they see a crime or know of a crime, they know an officer whom they can call. It helps not only to bridge those gaps to bring people closer together to be more inclusive, but we think overall it is going to build safer communities here in Oconee County,” said Watt.

Chene Williams has two brothers who are police officers. Seeing law enforcement and the community joining together and interacting in a positive way is what she’s always wanted. 

“If we have a dividing line between the residents of the community and law-enforcement then that creates this atmosphere of tension, but if we look at each other and say you’re my brother, you’re my sister then that creates more of a family,” said Williams. 

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office is inviting the community to join them at the “Faith and Blue” walk tomorrow at 8:30 am located at the Shaver Recreation Complex, 698 W.S. 4th Street in Seneca.