HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (WSPA) – A Western North Carolina city is requiring water conservation efforts from the community following a water shortage alert due to drought issues.

City officials of Hendersonville said the city is upgrading the water shortage advisory to the next stage of water conservation requirements. Officials have recommended that the community conserve water during the next stage.

“We are experiencing a drought in our area, and we are urging our customers to be water-wise,” said City Manager John Connet.

“Our team at Hendersonville Water & Sewer has been diligently monitoring the water levels in the Mills River, and we unfortunately have not received any substantial rain events to replenish the levels in the watershed. We have instituted a Stage 2A Water Shortage Alert to eliminate non-essential water use.”

According to city officials, a Stage 2A Water Shortage Alert all customers are expected to reduce their water use by employing water use conservation and efficiency measures by 20%.

If conditions continue to worsen, the city said the utility has the authority to charge fees to customers who are in violation of the ordinance.

Officials recommended conserving water by doing the following:

  • No car washing except by commercial facilities equipped to recycle water;
  • Do not wash down outside areas such as sidewalks, patios, parking lots, service bays, aprons, etc.;
  • Limit lawn and garden watering to only that which is necessary for plants to survive, reusing household water or reclaimed water when possible;
  • Do not leave faucets running while shaving, brushing teeth, or rinsing dishes;
  • Limit flushing of toilets by multiple usage;
  • Limit use of clothes washers and dishwashers, and when used, operate fully loaded;
  • Take showers rather than bathing and limit the duration of showers;
  • The use of disposable and biodegradable dishes is encouraged;
  • The use of flow-restrictive and water-saving devices is encouraged;
  • Limit hours of operation of water-cooled air conditioners;
  • All residents, businesses, and institutions are requested to temporarily delay new landscape work until the water shortage has ended.

The Stage 2A Water Shortage Alert has been declared to begin Thursday at midnight.

Additional information about the Water Shortage Alert and conservation tips can be found here.