GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Construction crews have begun to grade property on Arcadia Drive as they prepare to build a new Greenlink bus maintenance facility.

The property is located in the New Washington Heights community. However, the neighborhood association said the land was supposed to be used to build parks, trails and affordable housing for the historically Black community.

“New Washington Heights is a historical monument that all of Greenville County should be proud to be a part of,” said Angela Aiken of the New Washington Heights Neighborhood Association.

The neighborhood association said in 2013, they and Greenville County agreed on a master plan to revitalize the community. They explained that the plan included plans to build single family homes and recreation areas.

The neighborhood association said the plan is a binding agreement. They claim the county violated it by allowing the Greenville Transit Authority to build the bus facility on the property.

“This master plan should have saved our community from all of the stuff that we’re going through,” said Aiken.

The neighborhood association claimed the county met with the Greenville Transit Authority behind closed doors and used “deceptive and racist tactics” to “conceal and confuse the general public” by saying that the neighborhood association approved of the bus facility being built.

“That’s where a lot of the misleading information has come – that the whole community is behind this bus terminal project,” explained Steve Fowler with the New Washington Heights Neighborhood Association. “They can not produce one single fact to show that the whole community supports this project.”

Fowler said the neighborhood association tried to reach out to the city and county to stop the project from moving forward. But, he said he received confusing responses.

“County Council tells us that our fight is with Greenlink,” explained Fowler. “Greenlink tells us that our fight is with County Council. City Council says our fight is with County Council.”

In a statement, the Greenville Transit Authority said that they “do not believe it is appropriate to comment on pending litigation.”

The neighborhood association filed an injunction in December with hopes of stopping construction.

They said they also plan on filing a complaint with the Department of Justice.