PIEDMONT, S.C. (WSPA) — According to AnMed CEO,  William Kenley, the new medical center will bring life-saving emergency services to the northeastern part of Anderson County in order to keep up with the fast-growing communities in the Upstate. 

“It will fill the gap between Greenville and Anderson. The reality is that when people are having an emergency, they need something closer and this will be very close so it will increase quality and safety of life,” said Kenley. 

Residents of Piedmont like Cindy Fox-Miller, agree that this facility couldn’t come at a better time than now. 

“I think the location is perfect. It is right in the heart of a 10-mile radius serving the needs of this community. I could be here in a heartbeat. Just to know the caliber of talent of the doctors and physicians and nurses are here, that’s huge,” said Fox-Miller. 

According to AnMed, the multi-million dollar facility will be around 45,000 square feet and two stories high. It will function as a space where there are primary care, specialty physician offices, physical therapy, and laboratory imaging services. 

“We’re working on a plan for the county to also have EMS Emergency Management services on our campus and working with the Sheriff’s Department to have a substation here as well,” said Kenley. 

In addition to this, the new emergency medical center will bring opportunities to 50 high-paying healthcare positions. 

“I have a nephew who just took a position here at AnMed and to know that he has the opportunity to possibly work here out of this new facility and it just really warms my heart,” said Fox-Miller. 

The facility will officially open in Spring of 2025 located on the corner of SC-86 on Old Williamston Road.