GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — The City of Greenville has launched a new app, AccessGVL, to help remove barriers for people with disabilities. It was created in partnership with the Barbara Stone Foundation’s Greenville CAN initiative.

“Our plan was to develop a web app to be an informational resource to disabled individuals and their families so they could enjoy everything that downtown Greenville has to offer,” Mike Jank, the City of Greenville’s risk manager and ADA coordinator, said.

The interactive app provides information about the accessibility of various parking garages, parking lots and street parking in downtown Greenville.

AccessGVL can also help users select the best route to travel from their parking spot to their destination.

“What’s the most accessible route that avoids curbs and other types of barriers, like stairs?” Jank explained. “Also, where are ramps? Where’s the public elevator that might get them to the location they want to go?”

Dozens of restaurants are listed on AccessGVL as well as information about how accessible they are inside.

“It’ll talk about what the entrance is like — can people get in?” Chris Sparrow, the Barbara Stone Foundation’s program manager, explained. “What is the dining room like? How many accessible tables do they have? Can they use the restroom?”

There are also features highlighting if there are any visual or auditory limitations in restaurants.

“If I’m visually impaired, is there something I’ll end up tripping over?” Jank explained. “If you have Autism, too much bright light and too much flashing may be disruptive for that individual. We’re identifying those things as well and advising them ahead of time that this is the environment you might be going into. This might not be the best environment for your child or for your family member.”

AccessGVL is free. To download it or learn more, click here.