GREER, S.C. (WSPA) – BMW is taking major strides in the technology industry, with all of it happening right here in the Upstate.

The company has celebrated the unveiling of several facilities in the Upstate within the past few months and now added to that list is a new vehicle accessory center.

Behind the detailed accessories displayed on BMW vehicles is a process that takes place in Spartanburg County.

“This is the first such dedicated operation of its kind located on site at a factory in the U.S.,” said Mayor Rick Danner, city of Greer.

BMW leaders gathered Monday morning alongside local residents to visit the new home of that process and take in the $25 million facility for the first time.

“The plant, what it really gives us is a home field advantage in this market because it streamlines the ability to create, to custom the amount right away to get the orders in,” said Sebastian Mackensen, president and CEO of BMW North America. “We have a great connection to Spartanburg where we get the vehicles built and it’s those vehicles that our customers like the most.”

Located on the BMW campus in Greer, the company said the center will provide finishing touches to personalized vehicles. It will allow BMW X models from Plant Spartanburg to arrive at dealers already having customers requested accessories. The company said this will be beneficial for Spartanburg County, as it’s creating 60 new jobs. 

“Aside from the job creation which I think is one of the biggest ones and ones that I think a lot of the team is most proud of for a while, we looked at this facility on paper,” said Jameon Cropper, manager for Accessories, Tires and Lifestyles at BMW North America. “We looked at operations on paper, we looked at throughput on paper, but to see it actually happen, to see that we actually are able to provide jobs and the contractors involved, the teams that are involved, it’s really nice to see on a day like today.”

While celebrating the opening of several facilities recently, BMW said moving forward all their attention will be towards these new centers.  

“A facility as large as this and as complicated to operate as this, requires a little bit of a ramp-up period so we’re looking forward to getting up to full capacity soon,” said Cropper. 

Plant Spartanburg said they’ll begin production of the newest BMW X model, which is the first ever BMW XM, this December. 

BMW said Plant Spartanburg currently builds 60% of the BMWs sold in the U.S.