GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Circling the Unity Park parking lot is an all too familiar feeling for many Greenville residents.

“I would say we passed the same space a few times and then it eventually became available kind of thing,” said Robert Bowden, Greenville resident.

Despite the parking struggle, Unity Park goers said it’s always worth it. Filled with playgrounds, restaurants, and nearby trails, the park has become a Greenville fan favorite. Recently, however, a new addition has sparked an uproar among residents.

Construction has just begun for a new 30,000-square-foot warehouse that will hold 18 companies inside the park. While it will bring in new businesses, Greenville residents said it also needs to come with a new parking plan.

“We absolutely love the options here, the park’s amazing for our family, and the food options are a little bit limited so we’re excited to have some new food options potentially in the mix but if they are not adding any more parking, I think it’s going be a challenge especially if you have young ones,” said Ben Hopper, Greenville resident.

The city of Greenville said they will be adding 180 new parking spaces in the coming weeks, but for now, they’re encouraging people to utilize the downtown parking garages. Residents said with those being a mile away from the park, it’s not ideal.

“I’ve had to shark for a spot, if you would, and it’s almost impossible at this time of day when you do want to go so I’ve had to find another parking spot or find a spot on the street nearby which is fine but if they got this expansion going on, what’s next?” said Ben Zondlak, Greenville resident.

Much of the crowds can be attributed to Greenville’s rapid growth over the last few years, but residents are hoping the city can keep up.

“I can tell that the growth of the area is kind of outpacing what they originally anticipated and if they want to add something into this building they’re going to have to absolutely do something about it,” said Bowden.